How can CBD help with sore muscles?

Posted by Dr. Lori on 19th Oct 2020

How can CBD  help with sore muscles?


How can CBD help with sore muscles?

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a professional athlete, or a busy caregiver you’ve probably experienced the soreness that comes with overuse of your muscles.

Most of us are already doing multiple things to help keep our bodies healthy, at least we think we are. We are trying to eat more veggies, reduce the amount of refined sugars, meditating a little and trying to be more mindful. By adding a CBD regiment to your daily

routine may be advantageous for multiple reasons. For this article we will stick to just two of CBD’s benefits that may help with our over worked muscles.

First off, let’s address why there may be muscle pain. When we work out, or just over work our muscles, may times we causing microscopic damage to the muscles, little tears in the tissues. Whenever tissue is damaged one of the body’s reactions is inflammation. Inflammation is a necessary part of of tissue recovery so how to we allow recovery but still reduce the discomfort? Cannabidiol, CBD, has been used for ages to help control inflammation. There are writings from Hua Tuo in the second century B.C. that describe using cannabis extracts for health reasons.

Similar to NSAID medications, think ibuprofen products like Advil, CBD inhibits and enzyme called COX2 which is involved with the inflammatory process. CBD also interacts with cytokines pro-inflammatory process thereby reducing the inflammatory response. It is typically this inflammation that the body responds to as pain.

CBD is also beneficial for promoting a healthy sleep cycle and it can not be emphasized enough how important sleep is to recovery! During NREM sleep (non-rapid eye movement) our body produces muscle recovery hormones. Blood flow increases during this phase allowing for recovery and growth. It stands to reason, therefore, if you are not getting good sleep you will experience a longer, more painful, recovery time.

There are many studies showing that CBD can help with the body’s natural sleep cycles. CBD also supports our body’s own production of cannabinoids through our Endocannabinoid System. This system helps with maintaining homeostasis to reduce anxiety and promote a solid sleep cycle. 



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